Fishermen’s Memorial & Blessing of the Nets

blessing the netsJoin us, Sat. 9 May at 2pm in beautiful Port Dover, ON for an ancient maritime tradition: Fishermen’s Memorial & Blessing of the Nets.

Taking place on the wharf at one o’ our favourite Museums in the world – Port Dover Harbour Museum (incidentally, also the place we end all our Walking Tours!)

An historic event in Port Dover, this gathering honours the Port Dover fishermen who have lost their lives on the lake and blesses the nets, the workers, the land and the lake for the coming year. The service, led by Reverend Kendall Reimer, will include readings, the blessing of the nets, a roll call of names of those who have perished, hymns, and fishing songs performed by guest musicians Bruce “House” Milner and Jimmy Atkinson. The Angler will be docked at the museum during the service.

Free parking at the Museum, which o’ course ye should visit…often…it has one o’ the most interesting collections o’ maritime artefacts directly related to the Great Lakes anywhere – and the only Museum in Ontario ye can stand inside the Wheelhouse o’ a 1912 Great Lakes Freighter! Be sure to support them with a donation on yer way through – the wonderful folks who work there do a fantastic job, but the donations keep the Museum open & free!

While in Port Dover, ye should also take a ride with our mates at Nómada Charters, on the River Rider (starting June 10…same weekend as we start our Walking tours) – it’s a scenic float on a pontoon boat up the Lynn Valley River and into the Black Creek Nature Reserve! From historic sites to shipwrecks to wildlife, ye never know what you’ll see! Just up the Wharf from the Museum.

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