Pyrate History Presentations

Share some “living history” with your group!

Why not share some “living history” with your group? We are available to share the history of Pyrates and Privateers in The Great Lakes & Canada, Louisiana & The Gulf Coast with schools, museums, libraries, youth/senior groups, team building…just about anyone, *anywhere!

Teachers – ask about our programs structured to the Ontario School Curriculum.

  • Little known (but very interesting) facts about the history of the Southern Ontario region along the Great Lakes and up the St. Lawrence to the Atlantic Coast.
  • Explorers, Privateers and Pyrates – the difference and how they figured in the discovery & early trade of New France, Upper Canada and the “New World”.
  • Pyrates, Privateers, First Nations and the War of 1812.
  • Music and it’s historical use in…work?
  • Pyrates & politics – was there really “honour among thieves”?
  • Pyratical & seagoing language – there’s no “Arr” in this alphabet!
  • Ships, Weapons and other inventions.
  • History vs. Hollywood – where the movies (and several books) got it wrong…or right.

To book a living history appearance, contact us.

*Costs vary depending on program, travel expenses may be extra.