Kinnikinnick Trading Co.

The main business o’ any Pyrate or Privateer is trade. Goods, whether necessary or luxury, are acquired and sold in or around various ports – usually on/near ocean, lake or river – but profitable travel inland is also welcomed.

Capt. John Swallow’s family includes no less than four First Nations – Lakota, Mi’kmaq, Meskwaki, Anishinaabe..and many o’ the first French to land in what is now Canada & the US, who lived, loved and traded with many Nations, as friends and relatives.

The Kinnikinnick Trading Company honours these relations by trading in many traditional First Nations goods; White Buffalo Sage, clay effigy pipes, botanicals, pelts, beads, shells, rattles, natural resins, salves, trade silver, art…etc. 

Ye may find us at various local Pow Wows and historical events – feel free to invite us to yours!

As for the name, Kinnikinnick is a traditional smoking mixture – common to many First Nations – comprised o’ various plants like Bearberry Leaf, Willow Bark, etc. (it contains no tobacco). The word itself comes from the Anishinaabe language base and means “things that are mixed”.