The main business o’ any Pyrate or Privateer is trade. Goods, whether necessary or luxury, were acquired and sold in or around various ports – usually on ocean, lake or river, but profitable travel inland was also welcomed.

Capt. John Swallow’s family includes no less than four First Nations – Algonquin, Mi’kmaq, Meskwaki & Lakota…and many o’ the first French to land in what is now Canada & the US, who lived, loved and traded with many Nations as friends and relatives.

EDD_5146The Kinnikinnick Trading Company honours these relations by trading in many traditional First Nations goods; White Buffalo Sage, clay effigy pipes, botanicals, pelts, beads, shells, rattles, natural resins, salves, trade silver, art…etc. 

Ye may find us at various historical events like The Battle Of Stoney Creek, The Seige Of Fort Erie, Battle of Fort George and others, as well as a few Pow Wows – feel free to invite us to any event ye wish!

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As for the name, Kinnikinnick is a traditional smoking mixture – common to many First Nations – comprised o’ various plants like Bearberry Leaf, Willow Bark, etc. (it contains no tobacco). The word itself means “mixture” and varies only slightly in pronunciation among many Nations.