Port Dover Harbour Museum Camp

Port Dover Harbour Museum
Port Dover Harbour Museum

Pyrates & History? But of course!

We were invited to share our knowledge o’ Pyrates, Privateers & History at one o’ our favourite places in S. Ontario – the Port Dover Harbour Museum! The summer camp program supplied 25 potential Powder Monkeys (a bloody smart crew, this lot) who listened intently and asked many good questions – even the Camp Counsellors got involved!

Since they were such a brilliant group, we let them all go with a Doubloon and a thank ye – and a very special thank ye to Angela Wallace, Museum Curator, who arranged it all.

If ye haven’t visited the Port Dover Harbour Museum, what are ye waiting for? It’s a great spot, filled with local Great Lakes Maritime & Fishing History, thousands o’ artifacts (many off the bottom o’ Lake Erie), maps o’ shipwrecks, the Pilothouse o’ a ship ye can walk into, great Volunteers to answer yer questions, and some great places for a walk, a meal or a cold drink afterward.

Don’t forget to join our mates on the River Rider Tour – history right on the water and a chance to see wildlife, natural beauty and a boat graveyard!

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