Last Walk For September!

This Thursday (28 Sept.) is our last walk this month – there is NO WALK NEXT WEEK, we resume on 12 October.

We’ve been enjoying the visitors we’ve had this season; good questions, some good stories and a few who knew more than they let on! The local stories are great, of course; adding colour and a personal touch to local history is always welcome – this is how real history has been passed on for millenia.

Remember when ye were younger and the “old folks” would try and relate some story from their lifetime? Maybe ye rolled yer eyes…or huffed…or complained ye’d heard it before? Well, ye regret that when ye get older and want to learn more about the Family; where they came from and why – and ye wish ye could go back and ask questions that perhaps only they could answer! It’s fortunate that many youth today seem more interested in history (at least their own history) and have started projects to record the stories o’ their Elders. We’re also fortunate that we have access to many new formats to record those histories that tend to be less likely to degrade as quickly as some have in the past…not to mention, being able to easily record a video o’ someone telling a story, to pass on, not just the knowledge, but in their own voice & image as well – priceless!

We are constantly researching, reading, listening/speaking with Elders; trying to fill the gaps in our knowledge with the facts and separating them from the fiction! We’ve also been working on an extensive set o’ genealogy work – a more personal journey that we encourage everyone to take (start while ye have relatives to ask!) and find the gaps in yer own history…it’s bound to be more interesting than ye expect!

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