Visit Port Dover & Ontario’s South Coast

Port Dover is a grand little port town with fine folk and an interesting history; we have been well met everywhere we travelled! Just because the summer is drawing to a close, don’t think Port Dover closes up! Our mates Carrie & Ian keep the Harbour Museum open all year, Cap’t. Bob & his (family) crew run Nómada Charters Boat Tours through to mid-September (they are also available for private events), Penny, Jim & the great staff at The Crepe House remain open Tuesday through Sunday, there are many other restaurants, coffee houses, taverns and lovely places to stay for a weekend retreat on Lake Erie!

Ontario’s “South Coast” has much to see and do – wilderness parks, museums, beaches, cultural events, fresh food and more…we are home to three of the five Great Lakes in Ontario and many other lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls (Hamilton has over 100 waterfalls alone!) – a true treasure worth protecting and visiting!

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