Putting The Knots Into Nautical

While a ship may seem the most important thing to a Pyrate (or any seafaring sort), there is an unsung hero o’ ships, docks, warehouses…and just about anything on land or sea involving the transport o’ goods…ROPE!

Used to secure a line to a dock, drop anchor at sea, make/mend nets, rigging for the sails and even to help plug cracks/holes in the ship (with a little tar). In fact, if ye think about it, the clothes yer wearing would be nothing without the thread holding them together!

While we could write plenty on the history o’ ropes, cords, string, knots…our mates at Hakai Magazine have done the heavy lifting for us. KNOT only have they compiled a great article on the historical importance o’ the world’s most important binder, but there are some informative videos as well (ye might even learn something).

Get roped in to some important  knowledge…click the photo!

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