Here Be Pyrates

Elegant and excellent was that Pyrate’s answer to the great Macedonian Alexander, who had taken him; the King asking him how he durst molest the seas so, he replied with a free spirit: “How darest thou molest the whole earth? But because I do it only with a little ship, I am called Brigand: thou doing it with a great navy art called Emperor.” (St. Augustine, City of God, Book IV)

Capt. John Swallow & QM Seika Hellbound

Capt. John Swallow & QM Seika Hellbound

Capt. John Swallow & QM Seika Hellbound; Professional Pyrates…

We are, in fact, both related to Pyrates of old who sailed, collaborated & died with Blackbeard, Jean Laffite, Stede Bonnet & Peter Easton (infamous “Canadian” Pyrate)…along with other very interesting ancestry!

We reside at the “head of the lake” in the Port of Hamilton (Ontario), travel extensively throughout Southern Ontario and call Louisiana our second home (especially New Orleans & the Bayous o’ South Louisiana). Like any Pyrates, we love to travel and meet new folks in new places!

As “Professional Pyrates”, we provide both education and entertainment -most often at the same time!

  • Pyrate History – Facts & Fictions: on the water, in books & films.
  • Historical Walks or Presentations
  • Songs Of The Sea – Chanteys, Work Songs & Modern Styles (we may, on occasion, be able to provide a complete Pyrate Band for an additional charge)
  • Pyrate themed games of skill for all ages (Swab The Deck, Balance The Tankard, Catch The Monkey…)
  • Pyrate Photo Portraits
  • Pyrates to host yer event

We can be “encouraged” (for the right price) to attend yer event, TV show, corporate event, promotion…or whatever suits us! We may also be philanthropic Pyrates – and have assisted in raising thousand o’ dollars and provided hundreds o’ hours in manual labour to worthy causes; from wetlands cleanups to post disaster rebuilding, community support to honouring fallen heroes.

We can even provide ye with unique personalities or voice-overs for video or audio projects!

To engage us for yer event, or more information – hail the Captain. We welcome working with Schools, Libraries, Museums & Community/Social Groups!

** Please note: we are Pyrates – and do charge for most appearances. Rates for full day or longer are negotiable. Travel & expenses may also apply. We do not do children’s birthday parties – though we are happy to support children’s charities, events, schools, libraries & museums.