Pyrates - Where's The Rum?Why not share some “living history” with your group? We are available to share the history of Pyrates and Privateers in The Great Lakes & Canada, Louisiana & The Gulf Coast with schools, museums, libraries, youth/senior groups, team building…just about anyone, *anywhere!

Teachers – ask about our programs structured to the Ontario School Curriculum.

  • Little known (but very interesting) facts about the history of the Southern Ontario region along the Great Lakes and up the St. Lawrence to the Atlantic Coast.
  • Explorers, Privateers and Pyrates – the difference and how they figured in the discovery & early trade of New France, Upper Canada and the “New World”.
  • Pyrates, Privateers, First Nations and the War of 1812.
  • Music and it’s historical use in…work?
  • Pyrates & politics – was there really “honour among thieves”?
  • Pyratical & seagoing language – there’s no “Arr” in this alphabet!
  • Ships, Weapons and other inventions.
  • History vs. Hollywood – where the movies (and several books) got it wrong…or right.

To book a living history appearance, contact us.

*Costs vary depending on program, travel expenses may be extra.