Less Walk, More Talk

Pyrates - Where's The Rum?Aye, it seems FALL is upon us…not our least favourite season, but it does tend to wind down the opportunity for outdoor events! Our Pyrate Lore & Harbour Walks™ are finished for the season – though we may brave the outdoors for yer group if ye gather a crew together (contact us for a parley – 10 person minimum).

Now, if yer truly interested in Pyrates, history and a few tales o’ adventure, we ARE available for speaking engagements for almost any group! Schools,Libraries, Museums (we only teach true history – often more accurate than yer average history book), Legions, Social Groups, Special Events…let us know what ye have in mind and we’ll come to an accord.

Remember, nothing is more interesting (or bizarre) than real history – and none better to share these tales with ye than two real Pyrates! (We’re both Historians, related to Pyrates and the QM is also an Archaeologist with a specialty in Battlefield Archaeology)

Haunted Hamilton Harbour

Haunted Hamilton Harbour

We’re “commandeering” the Hamilton Harbour Queen, along with our mate “Spooky Steph” & the crew at Haunted Hamilton! Sat. 22 July, 9:30 pm – 11:00 pm (boarding at 9:00 pm) – $40/person (90% sold out – book now!) Tales o’ ghosts, spirits, … read on, mate!

Port Dover Harbour Museum Camp

Pyrates & Education

Pyrates & History? But of course! We were invited to share our knowledge o’ Pyrates, Privateers & History at one o’ our favourite places in S. Ontario – the Port Dover Harbour Museum! The summer camp program supplied 25 potential Powder Monkeys … read on, mate!

Pyrates Return – Hamilton & Port Dover

A Nite O' Jolly Rogerin'

Avast, mates! Pyrate Lore & Harbour Walks™ start in full this weekend – 10:30 AM on Saturday (June 6) on the Hamilton Waterfront, alternating every weekend with Port Dover Harbour (starting 10:30 AM, Saturday June 13). Join us as we … read on, mate!

Fishermen’s Memorial & Blessing of the Nets

Fishermen's Memorial & Blessing of the Nets

Join us, Sat. 9 May at 2pm in beautiful Port Dover, ON for an ancient maritime tradition: Fishermen’s Memorial & Blessing of the Nets. Taking place on the wharf at one o’ our favourite Museums in the world – Port … read on, mate!